Why list doesnt work with a copy of the entity? (URGENT)

I have a very strange problem. I have a dynamic list on a page – list view widget inside of template grid widget, both linked to entity from database (not page parameter). Works perfectly. I need to link this list to different entity. I copy this entity, relink widgets and parameters to it. After running the project – the list is invisible. The button to create new object in the list also invisible. Why 1st entity works, and 2nd doesn’t? They are identical, security access identical too! How can I fix it? This is quite urgent question, I would be very grateful for the advice. Thank you!
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In order for the outer list view to show any rows, there must be objects in the entity.  If the entity doesn’t have anything in it, nothing will display because no results will be returned from the database.

I think you need to populate some data into your new entity.