User requests to be assigned to the list item - how to implement?

I need an advice on how to implement it: - There is a list of tasks, User can send the request to be assigned to a task, and Admin can approve/reject it How I think it can be done: There should be 2 associated entities, one for the list, another will store the names of all the local users (generalization from System.user).  When user clicks on a “send request” button, some microflow will automatically capture the name of the current user, and pass it as a value to the “pending request” parameter of the List entity. When admin clicks on “accept request” another microflow will copy value of the “pending” parameter, erase it, and paste in the “assigned user” parameter. When Admin clicks on “reject”, another microflow will erase a value from the “pending” parameter.   Is it a right approach?  Thank you in advance!    
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It’s a possible approach.

Another I would probably use is to use 1 association to the user filled when the user request the assignment and a status field with some options:

  1. Unassigned
  2. Assigment requested
  3. Assigned

User can only request those tasks that have status 1

User presses the button and the user is associated to the task and status is set to status 2

Admin has a list with an xpath on status 2

Admin presses button accept to change the status to 3

Admin presses button to reject and changes status to 1 and sets the association to empty.

This would leave you with a cleaner domain model IMHO.