How to filter list items to show only those which was assigned to the user?

Hello, There are 2 entities, one for the dynamic list, another stores the names of all local users (generalization from System.User) There is a dynamic list of tasks. Admin can assign a user to the task, in this case the users name will appear in the list item.    How can I make a list, where user will see only those tasks, which was assigned to him? Should I somehow filter the list, using a microflow with some expression, that would display only those items of the list, where the name of the user in the “assigned” parameter equals to the name of the current user? If yes, how can I implement it and how this expression should look like?
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Hi Maxim,


Isn’t this just a matter of using an XPath or even association as data source for your overview?

If your users open the tasks view you can use an XPath expression to filter out any tasks belonging to current user


Data source entity is ‘YourModule.Task’.

The XPath would read something like this:

- [YourModule.Task_YourLocalUser = '[%CurrentUser%]']


Since your user is a specialisation of System.User, ‘YourLocalUser’ is recognised in the same way when compared to the CurrentUser.


Kind regards,


Ronald van Puijenbroek

P.S. For future reference: your entity for local users is a specialisation of System.User.