How to request webserver maximum file size limit be raised above 1 GB

There are a couple old forum questions addressing this same question, but no definitive answers, e.g.: It is hard to even confirm without submitting a support ticket that this 1GB limit even exists.  It is not indicated anywhere on the environment’s dashboard or in the Mendix documentation.   The most common suggestion on these forums is to not use Mendix, but to have users upload files via Dropbox or some other file sharing site.  However, this defeats the intent of the site we are hosting on Mendix which is meant to facilitate collaboration among engineering designers.  These people need to submit CAD files and large videos to design challenges posted on our site.  Trying to coordinate that through some 3rd party file sharing site is asking them and us to have to jump through too many hoops.  We just want the maximum raised to 2 GB instead of the current 1 GB.   As recommended in other forums, we put in a support ticket requesting this limit be raised and mentioned the forum linked above that suggests it is just a setting on the webserver:  possibly “client_max_body_size.”  However, the response from support is they cannot change this limit and to use a 3rd party file sharing service instead, and also request this limit be raised on the Mendix Ideas forum.   On an aside, the Mendix File Manager widget is not helpful with regards to this limit.  First, it lets you set the widget’s own limit to anything you want rather than even warning you that the Mendix cloud web server limit is only 1 GB.  Then, when you set the limit above 1 GB and try to upload a file that exceeds 1 GB, it acts as if it is uploading the file for a few minutes.  However, then it throws a confusing error message rather than simply informing you that the file is too big:  “A connection error occurred, please try again later.”  I couldn’t even find anything helpful in the server logs to indicate why this error was appearing.
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