Comments and Label retrieval using Stories API

Dear experts, The below clarification is inline with the old request Can you please provide some insights regarding the feasibility of retrieving comments and label from the stories API. I am unable to find such API in the documentation. In case mendix doesn’t expose such API, what is the best practice to maintain such information in the application ? Our idea is to create an interface for stories and feedback from the application itself instead of going through developer portal ? Thank you,  Regards, Chengaiah
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I did some work on a project a while ago where we needed to extract this information. Unfortunately, I could find no way to retrieve comments. 

There is a way to retrieve labels, it’s just not pretty, and not automated, so would only be appropriate for a one-time upload as you migrated from Sprintr to a new system. With that in mind… 

Go to your Stories overview, and go to export a sprint

Follow the given steps, and download your CSV. It;s structured per ticket ID, and each ticket has a column for Labels

They’re seperated by a semicolon, and don’t include the colour or anything like that. But from this, you can create a microflow that

  • Stages this data
  • Loops through each row
  • Per ticket ID, find the ID that you have already (or import from the API)
  • Check which labels in the semicolon-seperated field exist, and don’t exist
  • For those that don’t exist, create new, and associate
  • For those that do exist, retrieve and associate


Like I said, not very pretty, and not automated. But it is achievable, and I’ve got it working in the past. Hope this is of use.



The only information about the story in the API is:

        StoryID (Long)

        ParentSprintID (Long)

        Name (String)

        Description (String)

        Status (String)

        StoryType (String)

        Points (String)

        HasTasks (Boolean)

        Deleted (Boolean)

        CreationDate (DateTime)

        FinishDate (DateTime)

So you have no label/comments.


You can create your own app and push them to sprintr with the API.