1-1 associations with offline

Hi all,  Looking for some advice, I have an entity “Activity” with an enumeration called “Activity Type” (e.g, Eating, Drinking and Personal Care), each of the activity types have an entity which is linked 1-1 with “Activity”. This means I have several entities linked to “Activity” 1-1.  I am currently building a hybrid offline app and have hit a blocker: This is on the nanoflow which creates the “PlannedActivity” object and also creates the associated object and links them together. There is no situation where more than one “PlannedActivity” will be linked to an activity type and vice versa there is no situation where more then one activity type will be linked to “PlannedActivity” Hence why it uses a 1*1 association.  Setting the owner to “Default” makes it a 1-* relationship which causes other xpath errors, I want to avoid this option if possible.  Does anyone have any advice?  Many thanks.  Garion
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