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Hi there! I'm building this application in which someone should be notified or sth when 14 days since the start date have passed.  However i have no clue is this is in any way possible and if so, how to do this.. Anyone who can help me out? it doesn't particularily matter how it works. As long as I can get a notification after 14 days have passed.. Thankyou in advance! britt
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Take a look at the documentation here:

So use the current date and add -14 days and you have the date to check on. Any date that is smaller than that date needs a notification.

So create a datetime variable and let it be this value: addDaysUTC([%BeginOfCurrentDay%],-14)

That is assuming all are UTC otherwise use the addDays instead of addDaysUTC.

You can then use a split to check $dateToCheck < $Date14Daysago