Extracting Mendix microflows to java code using Mendix SDK

HI All, I am trying to achieve something interesting, I want to extract the the microflow business logic into java code using Mendix SDK. As of now i can achieve extracting the data model. For extracting microflows I have checked by importing the Mendix application to Eclipse IDE, it’s generating the ‘Microflows.java’ file. In this java file, list of microflows that has been created in the Mx application are getting configured and i can see only the input parameters but not the logic which i created in the microflow, because Mendix has hidden the Inbuilt widgets source code. And i have checked the following doc (https://apidocs.rnd.mendix.com/modelsdk/latest/index.html), but right now i don’t have an idea how i can make use of it. Welcome your ideas :)   Thanks in advance.
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