Multiple page breaks in Word template or setting row height

Hello, We have the following use case: For an inspection app, users can generate a Word document that displays a set of inspection activities. Each inspection has some general information and a variable number of photos with a description. We want each inspection to start at a new page. This info page displays a general description and two photos. If the inspection has more than two photos, we want the next two photos to be displayed on the next page (always 2 photos per page, in a templategrid with 2 columns). For example: Inspection 1 info page (date, location) + 2 photos --- page break --- 2 photos ---page break Inspection 2 info page (date, location) + 2 photos ---page break --- 2 photos --- page-break --- 2 photos etc I use break-before: page on the table containing the inspection header (inside a templategrid with a helper entity). This works fine: each inspection is displayed on a new page. However, I cannot get any subsequent break-before: page / break-after: page / page-break-after: always styling working on the table containing the photos. Thus, there are more than two photos on the pages after the info page. I added an XHTML (dynamic label) div with the styling applied, but it doesn't work. There is no break-inside: avoid or other styling like that on the surrounding table. Is there a possibility to use multiple page breaks inside a template grid? Or maybe a way to set the containing table or row height to the page height? It works fine in PDF, but this is sadly not an option, nor is a third-party paid application.
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