How do I change a attribute enumeration to the outcome of other attributes?

I've a enitity with different attributes. Half of  these attributes have the data type enumeration the other half have the data type boolean. The question I've is I want one single attribute (example: Status) to change when the value of the other attributes changes. For example: I have the attribute status Completed, in progress and new. One of the other enumaration attribute is hungry: yes, no, semi. And I have a boolean attribute: Did you eat: yes or no. Depending on the value of two attributes (hungry and did you eat) I want to change the attribute status to: in progress. How do I do this? Can somebody help me out? 
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On change microflows are the sollution here. I would create one microflow that depending on all the things you want to check changes the status to the correct one. In your pages where you can change these fields use this microflow as the on change microflow. This way depending on what is chosen the right status is automaticly set.