Two intities in dataview doens´t work.

For my own project I have to entities with an many to many association. I want to have a page where I can show in a List View both entities. The hard part is that one list item from one entity has an many to many association. Also I want a page where I can add them to the list. To get a better idea: I have to enitities called Classroom and People. I want to have a list view of the classroom with all attributes but also the people who are in the classroom. So in one classroom you have multiple people. If I want to add/edit a person in this classroom I want to do this on the same screen als I add/edit the classroom entity. Can somebody help me? I think it's a very easy solution but I can't seem to find it. Your help is appreciated. 
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Add a classroom datagrid to the page.

Add a dataview underneath with data source “listen to widget” grid1.

Then place People datagrid inside the data view, datasource = xpath and the xpath is something like 

[MyModule.People_ClassRoom = '[%CurrentObject%]']