Pointing the repository of one project to the repository of a different project

Hi, We have a use case where we’d like to deploy packages from one project to the environment of a different project. Right now, we create packages from the source project locally using the modeler and then upload them to the environment of the destination project through the developer portal. Uploading the packages like this, however, takes significantly more work than using the “Create package from teamserver” button available within the developer portal. I’m hoping there is a feature available within the Mendix developer portal that allows us to point the repository of the destination project to the repository of the source project. Is anything currently available in the developer portal that could help us with the above? If not, is there anything exposed within the Mendix APIs that would allow us to build something like this on our own?
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the developer doesn’t allow for that.

But I do think that the deployment API allows you to build something which serves your goals. And since it sounds like it this is related to your core activities, it might be worth taking a look at it. And build something which suits your specific needs.