Xpath with [%CurrentUser%] in list

I want to create an xpath on a list of BudgetHolders (inherits from System.User) to create a list of Factuur objects. One Factuur object can have multiple budgetholder objects. The xpath is constructed in a gridview with datasource entity Factuur. I have tried the following but it did not has the correct result <Module>.Factuur_Budgethouder = '[%CurrentUser%]'] and this does not compile <Module>.Factuur_Budgethouder/<Module>.Budgethouder = '[%CurrentUser%]'] (Incompatible expression types) So can anybody give me a hint?
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I can only say that the first constraint is correct. The second must be:

[<Module>.Factuur_Budgethouder/<Module>.Budgethouder/ID = '[%CurrentUser%]']

but that does not make difference for the result.


If Jonathan's solution doesn't work, make sure you check your security thoroughly. This can often lead to obscure problems like this and your XPath looks like it should work.