Maker of the Month Challenge: April 2020

Hello, Makers!   We’re excited to announce the Maker of the Month challenge of April. What is the challenge you might wonder? We'll challenge you with a new challenge based on the new release every month, the perfect opportunity to test and to show off your Mendix skills. Whoever is most creative with the challenge, receives a free fancy Mendix t-shirt and a ‘Maker of the Month’ badge on your developer's profile.    Challenge: Put the new bottom sheet widget to the test and show off your most creative implementation.   If you want to save time, you can use our starter app which is specially set up for this challenge, downloadable here.  You can follow this documentation page if you’ve never imported a project package before and need some help. You obviously welcome to use a different app that you have created yourself for this challenge, if so, please make sure the app is created in version 8.8 of studio pro and has the latest version of Atlas UI downloaded from the app store. Please include an image or GIF of your creation in the submission, and make sure your Mendix account is public so we know who you are as our next potential winner! The winner will be announced in the next release video and picked by a selected jury.  The deadline for submissions is 26-04-2020.    Good luck everyone!
3 answers

just a fun little test.

a widget, in a widget, in a widget.



Here’s a burger ordering app where the bottom sheet is used to record the order details. I hope you enjoy watching the gif as much as I enjoyed making this project!