Account entity permission

Hi all,  My account entity has an access rule which has full read, no create/delete and xpath constraint [id='[%CurrentUser%]']  However, when I add a datagrid with Account, nothing shows for the user. The datagrid is not there. They have normal permissions to the page and there are no visibility rules set. The reason for this data grid is troubleshooting an issue where a nanflow needs to retrieve the current users account in a hybrid offline profile but is not returning anything.  So my question are:  1) Why can the user not see the datagrid?​​​​​​ 2) Why is the retrieve account returning nothing? Many thanks,  Garion    
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You might be running into native Mendix user management features.  Each User Role in your application is granted permission to manage one or more other user roles (or none at all).  Have you changed those permissions to see if that has any impact on what you’re working on?

In case you haven’t looked at this before, its in the UserRole Edit page in Project Security

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