Strings saved as length 0 instead of empty

Hi, So if a string is removed then it is saved as a length 0 string instead of empty. This is incredibly annoying in terms of sorting as they are not put together and means that in microflows you have to account for both. I also do not want to have to write a save microflow for every entity to change zero length strings to empty. Is this something that has been changed in a future version?
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This is the case in many programming languages including Mendix.

In the init of an object the string will be null (empty in Mendix terms) once the string is used and later on the content is removed the string is no longer null but set to an empty value.

This has not been changed in later versions and I don’t expect this to happen, would be a nice thing to have solved, but see for example this for some more insights to this particular issue.