Hybrid offline sync issues

Hi all, I’m having problems with the hybrid offline app.  It is not showing any data, I’ve accessed the hybrid offline pages through the normal online web app and they work fine and I can see the data.  I’m not sure where to start troubleshooting, any help would be much appreciated.  The page uses a nanoflow to retrieve the account. (Account entity has access rules that mean users only have permission to view their own account). There is then a nanoflow which retrieves an entity called “Memberships” which is then associated with the entity which I am trying to view.  The memberships entity is there to avoid using a *-* association between account and the entity I am trying to retrieve. Here is a screenshot of the chrome://inspect      
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Check the server console for errors or warnings. The device is probably trying to upload either:

  • a new object that it doesn’t have permission to create
  • changes to an object that aren’t allowed


Either way the server log should have a note telling you what’s wrong.