I have a list of 100 teachers which can be classified in 20 groups based on their unique four digits. I have a searchable dashboard of the 20 groups, created in a page with a list view, but is there anyway to make items (group titles) in the list clickable and from there we could reach another page that displays only the teachers’ name in that one specific group? Initially, I thought of creating 20 pages (individual pages) with a list view on each which has constraints in thedata source for the unique digits of each group, but learning about Mendix, I don’t think that is how it should be done.  Appreciate any advice  
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Assuming the groups and the teachers are in 2 separate entities, create an association between the two so that a teach belongs to 1 group and the group belongs to many teachers.

On the grid with the groups open a page with the edit button. This page contains a dataview of the group and within this dataview a grid/list of teachers that have a datasource over the association between the 2.

Then if you open one of the groups the list of teachers will be displayed in the grid/list.