Is it possible to load javascript .js library in Hybrid mobile app?

Hi all, Next to the (responsive) web version of our Mendix application we have a Cordova Hydrid app to use the mobile features on the mobile phone of the user. In the webversion we load the following .js lib in the index.html to have a rss-feed widget on the home page of the application: <script src="" type="text/javascript" async></script> Is it also possible to load and use this carousel.js library in the Hybrid Cordova (phonegap) app? If yes, how can I load this javascript lib? Is it allowed to add the script in the index.html of the phonegap package? Thanks for your response. Regards Cillus
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Hi Cillus,


You can do this via the components.json which can be found in your theme folder. See documentation

Cheers, Andries