Page with solid/given data

I want to make a page in my app, which should be used by my clients. I want a page in my app to contain important phone numbers which are like a constant so given and unchangeable except by the administrator. How do I do this? Because everytime I want to make a page it make fill in boxes for the attributes of my entities.
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Create the entity with read/write permissions for the administrator.

With a microflow retrieve the object from the database, if found open the page with the fields to be filled in. If not found create an object and open this. This microflow is used only by the Admin.

Create a second microflow for the user role that retrieves the record, the user will need to have read permissions on the entity, and then display a second page (show page activity) with the attributes displayed as read only or as text.

Make sure that when no record can be retrieved the user gets a warning message, else you can create a situation where the user runs into an error when the object is not found.