Dynamic Favicon

Implemented we have dynamic favicons   this.lognode="dynfavicon"; this.log=function(a){ console.log([this.lognode,msg].join(":")); } if( this.contextObj!=null ){ var changedDate=new Date().getTime(); var guid=this.contextObj._guid; var href='file?guid='+guid+'&changedDate='+changedDate; var link=document.querySelector("link[rel*='icon']")||document.createElement('link'); link.type='image/x-icon'; link.rel='shortcut icon'; link.href=href; }else{ this.log("contextObj NULL"); } The link node inserted/modified is <link type="image/x-icon" rel="shortcut icon" href="/file?guid=5910974510923782&changedDate=1587468557412"> . Everything is working ok in normal browsers   This does not work in Microsoft Edge, and to be honest is quite untestable as it crashes my computer. One thing to note is that a url like http://example.com/favicon.ico  works but a url like /file?guid=5910974510923782&changedDate=1587468557412 does not Does anyone know how to add favicons with javascript in Edge? (apologies, mendix’s code editor renders my js like above, whats going on mendix?)
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We do something similar, but instead of recreating the link element we just use JavaScript to change the existing one. 

I don’t think Edge favicons worked locally for us either, but when we deployed they worked.