Connecting users to a customer entity

Hello, New here, just started working with Mendix a couple months ago. I currently have a user account creation where the admin creates an account, adds details through a customer table, and then fills out another form to a different entity. So I go from showing a sign up page → creating a customer through another pop up. I don’t know how to make sure that particular user is connected (or passed through) to the creation of the customer. Here’s the microflow I’m using from the NewAccount SignUp under user management, with the addition of showing the customer pop up after user creation pop up. It does work separately, just doesn’t pass the customer name and email address from the previous window. Next, upon doing so, I want that specific user to connect directly to a customer entity (so a 1-to-1 association). In doing so, I then want the user to have access to other entities where they create objects within each different entity, and only show for that specific user. I’m caught up on trying to figure out how to connect the two. Here are the entities associated with customer: I’m a visual person, so any pictures would be helpful. Thanks!
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Something like this then:

You add an xpath constraint to the entity making sure that the DrillSheet belongs to the User.