commons-io-2.6.jar overwritten by Community commons and Excel export

Hi all! Working on a new project and I want to import the community commons and excel export module but oth want to overwrite the same commons-io-2.6.jar.   Is this wise? What is the impact? Why doe they want to do this?   Thanks for the help!  
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It should be fine. It’s just warning you that you already have a file of the same name in place. In this case, they both need the same version of commons-io-2.6.jar so replacing it won’t cause you any issues.

They are both packaged with the same .jar file as you may not have it already in place. Dependencies on third party jar files are a bit of pain at times especially when different modules need different versions of the same module, and there is a breaking change between them. I had this the other day with the Jackson-core module.

Hope this helps.