Receiving integer attribute from an entity with a pluggable widget

I am trying to learn how pluggable widgets work and how I can use data from attributes in my widget (assuming this is possible): In the example that comes with the boilerplate code. I noticed that they use: value={this.props.valueAttribute ? this.props.valueAttribute.displayValue : ""} and if I am correct this refers to: <property key="valueAttribute" type="attribute" required="false"> in the XML. I tried to do the same with another widget by using :   initialTime={this.props.initialTime ? this.props.initialTime.displayValue : 0} NOTE: iIf i change the initialTime value to initialTime={30000} it works fine. and in the XML i use: <property key="initialTime" type="attribute" required="true"> This always seems to refer to the default. I assume it does not tread the displayValue, is there another property i need to read from? I have to note that I am quite new to javascript/React and my understanding is limited. What I also do not completely grasp is where the definition of the values start. In the xml?, in the jsx or in the react library?
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