DocuSign .pdf to the Mendix database

Hello, Can someone explain how we can store the DocuSign .pdf to the Mendix database? Thanks in advance.  
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In the DocuSign admin module you can configure “Connect” which is a webhook your app should be listening to. In the “Connect” configuration you can enter a URL to which DocuSign then sends messages. 

In your Mendix app you then create a REST service for that same URL so that you can process these messages. 

The link underneath gives a lenghty explanation on what you need to do to:

High level it comes down to this:

  1. Check whether the caller is authorized to make the call
  2. Process the incoming XML message using a Mendix mapping file
  3. In case a recipient of the envelope completed the signing process, get the documents with a REST call to the DocuSign API. You can also choose to get the DocumentPDFs in the incoming XML message but those calls are getting really big then.




See the documentation:

Feature: Save signed documents in your Mendix app (when using embedded signing).
Limitation: Saving documents that are signed through remote signing is not yet possible.

So it depends on how you did setup this module.