Sign-in page appears even when security is Off when I Run Locally

I’m new to Mendix and going through crash course. I created an app for summer hill hospital. When I run the app locally, a sign in page appears and I can’t get through. I understand that with Security turned Off, no sign in should be required. When I “Run” the app on the cloud, it rightly takes me to home page directly.  In Local mode I also tried setting security to Demo mode. But it won’t accept any credentials for MxAdmin, demo_administrator or demo_user.  What an I doing wrong? I’m using Mendix Studio Pro 8.8.1 and followed the crash course tutorial so far as is. 
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OK, this looks like a good old cache issue. I also had a service worker registered on same URL from one of my earlier non-Mendix projects. Deleted the cache and sw and now it is working as expected with View button i.e http://localhost:8080/index.html?profile=Responsive URL too. So all good now. Thanks for you help!