How to link a page to one specific attribute in a listview.

I have a 'forum’ homepage in my app. On this page you can add a message/question. These questions are stored in an entity in my domain model. On the same homepage – under the button you can click to post a question or message – there is a ListView, which displays all the messages that have been posted/added. In this listview, I'm trying to get an on-click action so that clicking on ONE of the messages, brings me to the page that corresponds with the message I clicked on. Right now, I can only link one page with the ListView. This means that whatever message I click on, I always get redirected to the same page. I'm trying to realize that when I click on a message with title ‘A’, that I get redirected to page ‘A’, and when I click on a message with title 'X’,  that I get redirected to page ‘X’.  
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Instead of using the On Click property of the ListView, place a button in the Listview contents so that this button appears in each row.  The button can open a page with details on the specific object clicked.

Note that the button can be formatted as a link so it appears like text.  You can also add on click events to many widgets in the ListView contents to accomplish the same thing.

Also, don’t forget to remove the on click action in the ListView properties, otherwise, you might see some unusual behaviors.