Amazon S3 connector - How to use Object keys correctly

Hey I’m pushing data from my Mendix app to an S3 bucket elsewhere, so people have access to that data and can pull from the S3 bucket, instead of direct from my app. Downloaded the module and have everything set up, and I’m able to push my CSV file to the bucket. However, I’m now confused about what the correct implementation is for defining the object keys/”folder structure” – As my current file i guess is just getting chucked into a root folder with thousands of other docs.   At first, I thought it would be the AWSConfig/Identifier (the name of your bucket) and you append the desired “structure” to the end  $AWSconfig/identifer + ‘/folder1/folder2/file.txt’  But this wasn’t working for me so I would assume this is incorrect   My next assumption is that you change the actual File document name and provide the structure with that  So instead of this     You’d do this   Haven’t tested this one yet, but figured someone on the forum would know the correct way.   Any help would be appreciated   Cheers
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So I’m now using a newer version of Mendix and the module has been updated.


But I’ve got it working as follows.


Bucket = The specific S3 Bucket location and where its stored region wise

Location = Is based on the Name of the file, but I also add the same value to the ‘key’ attribute field of the AmazonS3Connector.Document

E.G /folder1/folder2/ + filename.csv