Using S3 Connector

Hi,   I am getting this error when the button that calls the upload document microflow is used.   ‘Failed to Put Object, Error in Java Client Unable to marshall request to JSON: Parameter 'Key' must not be null’   I am trying to upload a document to an S3 bucket, Using the S3 connector from the marketplace.   This is the microflow:          
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Hi Ashraf, I hope your problem has been resolved. I was able to recreate the issue you’re having (see image below).



Leaving the following attribute empty (see image below) caused the error.



I suspect that the input parameter in your microflow “DocumentToUpload” hasn’t set a value for the “Key” attribute prior to passing it to the microflow from your screenshot.


Hi Ashraf,

    I think you are getting the empty Key value which means, there is no value available in the credential object. Check out that action.