Which AWS Connectors should Mendix build next, and why?

Hi! Maarten here, from the AWS alliance team at Mendix. We’ve got a dedicated AWS Dev Team building AWS connectors for you to use and we’re looking for your feedback on the ones we’ve built and ideas for what to do next! We’ll try to replay ASAP, so you know we’ve read your post and what we’re thinking about it.    PLEASE DON’T share your thoughts in this post!   Post a separate “Idea” in this “AWS Space” for each and every idea you have, so if you want to suggest 3 new connectors, then post 3 ideas. That way people can vote for and comment on them individually and we can see which ideas have the most interest from the community.     BTW It’s not just about new connectors, but also improvements to the current ones we already have, e.g. adding new operations to extend the functionality. And it’s not even just about connectors. If you have other ideas about how we can integrate Mendix with AWS and improve the developer experience – including documentation and enablement – then let us know!   You can find some background on our AWS Connector strategy here: Mendix Marketplace - AWS Connectors
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