Field Level Encryption with AWS KMS

Hi, I have the following requirement on the table:   A table “Customer” has the Attributes FirstName, LastName, IBAN. Out company policy reason the IBAN is considered as strictly confidential and therefore must be encrypted on Field Level.   We have AWS KMS avaible and would like to use this tool for the job to be done.   Has someone of you this done before and can share your experience? How did you implement it? I did not find anything on the market place. Any input is highly welcome. :-)   Thx!    
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Dear Tjark 

Thank you for Submitting the question. Can you give me some more information about the use case? for example do you want the  attribute IBAN to be encrypted and saved in Mendix cloud then probably it will be a good idea to use the mendix encryption module.

Are you using the AWS RDS database then you might want to have a look at the AWS documentation Encrypting Amazon RDS resources - Amazon Relational Database Service

OR do you want Mendix studio Pro to connect to AWS KMS ?