Please extend AWSLambdaConnector to support invocations in multiple accounts

The current implementation of the AWSLambdaConnector takes all data needed for authentication and for the connection from Constants that need to be preconfigured or overridden. If the Mendix App however needs to invoke Lambdas in mutliple AW accounts, this does not work.    Of course I can modify the InvokeFunction and GetCredentials microflows to accommodate this but built-in support would be preferrable!
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Hi Marcel,


Thank you for reaching out to us. You're complete right, currently we do not support multi-credentials usage in our connectors. I'll communicate this with the team. For now, I'd suggest one of two methods to bypass the issue you're facing:


  1. Exposing your AWS Lambda function to a single AWS account. This will enable you to use a single set of credentials. There is a step-by-step guide in AWS’ Knowledge Center.
  2. Create a custom implementation in your Mendix app that can dynamically switch among different sets of credentials.


On top of that, we're very eager to learn about the reason as to why you're invoking functions from different accounts. Do you mind eloborating on this?


I hope this helps, feel free to reach out to me with additional questions.


Hi Trong,


The reason I want to be able invoke lambdas in multiple accounts is because our AWS environment uses an organizational structure with e.g. staging and production VPCs in separate accounts. Our Mendix App needs to invoke lambda functions in both these accounts since these functions are executed in the respecive VPCs.


Like I said I can easily accomodate this by modifying the InvokeFunction/GetCredentials microflows.


Best Regards,

Marcel du Bois