To Connect with AWS where is Environments, and then click Details tab on Developer Portal?

Hello guys.  I am currently studying connecting AWS for my Mendix project. however when I check AWS Connector Document which is that it tell I should follow step below.  Click Environments, and then click Details by the specific environment to open the Environment Details page. However I can not find Details tab out my developer portal with picture below…  could you help me out what should I do to get Environment Detail button on my developer page..   thank you!  -ps currently I am using Mendix 9.24.2 free version, (there is no studio version tab for 9.24.2 now.. )  
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Hi KooHyun,


This is only applicable for licensed cloud nodes. In case of a sandbox application it takes over the constant values you entered for your application in Mendix Studio Pro.


Hope this helps!