How to print file name from AWS with S3 Connector

Hello! Currently I am trying to get my file name from S3 using S3 Connector.  this is my status and question.   I am trying to use list object action of S3 Connector.   on list object action there is 4 entity mainly exist.  However there is no item on listed object.  I think using Listed object to print out my file name from S3 is possible… however there is no item on Listed Object entity.    do you have any suggestion for this?    after I have try to get key with loop for Get action. I have no idea how to set “key" for get action.  if you have any example for me, it will help me alot!  
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Hi KooHyun,


The ListedObject entity is a specialization/subclass of the S3Object entity/superclass. What this means is that it gains the characteristics that the parent class has assigned to it, in this case the Key attribute is the one that you're looking for.


I've created a sample microflow that would log an S3 object's Key attribute in the Mendix Studio Pro console down below:



I hope this helps!