How to Connect Excel Importer to Amazon S3?

I would like to retrieve an Excel file currently stored on Amazon S3 using the Get function and then extract the contents using the Import Connector. Accordingly, I have prepared the following flow, but I'm wondering how to connect using the connector. Currently, I'm considering two options: I want to connect the File Manager Widget to the Get function and then connect it to the Excel Importer. Alternatively, if it's possible to directly connect the retrieved file to the Excel Importer, I would prefer that. Could you please let me know which method would be better? If there are any other methods available, or if there are specific Micro Flows that I can refer to, I would appreciate it   updated micro flow. 
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I would advise to first get the file from S3 (as you are doing here) and cache this in your Mendix database. As a next step, you could use a TaskQueue to fire a task in which you process the Excel import. Of course, both with proper error handling.


If your template has been setup correctly (please have a look at the Excel Importer documentation for this), you can use import logic as shown in IVK_ImportTemplateDocument in the Excel Importer module.

Hopefully, this helps!