How to Implement Autoscaling with ECS?

I am using AWS ECS to manage Docker containers. While ECS offers good scalability, I'm not clear on how to set up autoscaling for ECS services and clusters. Could someone provide a step-by-step guide or point me to relevant documentation?
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Hi Sarfaraz, 


Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we don’t have a guide regarding AWS ECS. Still, we do for AWS EKS as part of our mission to offer the best experience possible on AWS while providing deployment flexibility and multi-cloud support, as recognized by Gartner in the last LCAP Magic Quadrant


We encourage you to try out our Mendix on AWS EKS, the result of our close collaboration with AWS, bringing together the best getting started template to run Mendix in your AWS account which unpacks the best practices from AWS regarding containerized applications in the context of Mendix low-code.