How to get data correctly from non-persistent tables.

Hello, good afternoon. I have a connection to a database in RDS, in my domain model my tables are not persistent but I have the same structure of my tables in my external database, how do I make the correct query to my non-persistent tables and when I try to get the data from the tables and show them in a dropdown making references to the associations I do not get any value.  I attach a screenshot of my domain model, Frontend and an example of how I want to show my data. these are the tables with their associations that I am using.   this is the front end of my application, I tried to get the values with microflows and it does not show any value. could you tell me how the microflow should look like?   and this is an example of how I want to display my data.
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Of course, this is the microflow I use, I make a query with an execute query to my database to get the value. 

is a test microflow, hence the name.


'SELECT "HealthcareserviceID", "Active", "Category", "Type_", "Specialty", "Locationid", "Name"
    FROM public.healthcareservice;'


Hi Evyan Coss,

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Your Domain model is all build with non-persistent data. There is not a single chance that your entities have a table stored in your database.

One possible reason for seeing the data in database is that – the domain model was initially developed with persistent entities and used. Additionally, created few record(for which you are seeing the data today) while executing the logic which later changed to non-persistant enties – for which you are seeing issues today.


  1. Persistant entities:

As soon as you create a domain model and run your application, mendix will create a table in the backend (DB).

When you commit the data – the records are stored the DB

  1. Non-persistent:

The data always resides in the memory and are never commited to DB. Even if you commit to DB, no data will reach your DB.

  1. Transistent object:

A persistent entity which is not committed to DB.

Although a table is created as soon as you run you application, you will not see the data until you commit.

Please do check what actually happened.

Hope you find it helpful!