How to retrieve Lists/Maps with AWS DynamoDB Connector?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the AWS DynamoDB Connector (v.1.0.1) to retrieve all the data from a DynamoDB table. In my table I have a few items that contain multiple attributes such as Strings, Lists and Maps, but I haven't been able to retrieve List/Map attributes from the items with their respective child attributes. The contents of a single item from my table are the following: When I checked the domain model of the connector, I see that there is only Long, Decimal, String and Boolean attributes that can be associated to an item, and there seems like there’s not an implementation yet for a List/Map attribute (associated with its child nodes). Is there any other way to retrieve a List/Map attribute with its child nodes with the current AWS DynamoDB marketplace component? or is this a current limitation of the connector? Best regards!
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Hello Oswaldo,


My name is Trong, I'm a developer with the team that developed the Amazon DynamoDB connector. Firstly, thank you for providing detailed feedback about your experience with our Amazon DynamoDB Connector.


Your observation is correct; as of the current version, the connector's supports Long, Decimal, String, and Boolean attributes. The implementation for a List/Map attribute, especially with its child nodes, is one feature that our connector presently does not support.


While we do not have plans to add this specific feature in our immediate roadmap, insights like yours are instrumental in guiding our development priorities. It would be immensely beneficial if you could share more about your use case involving List/Map attributes in Amazon DynamoDB. Such user information can help reprioritize our backlog of items, ensuring we cater to the evolving needs.


If you have additional questions or if there's any other way we can assist you, I kindly invite you to reply this thread. This allows the Mendix community to benefit from and contribute to this issue.