How I can get item from dynamoDB using a call rest?

A few weeks ago I did a question about the DynamoDB connector (Question). Unfortunately DynamoDB connector currently don't support List/Map attributes for getItem operation. Then I decided to use a call rest in order to achieve this.    I follow this guide Building Your Own REST API-based AWS Connector | Mendix, but whem I trigger the microflow that call the dynamoDB services return the next error:      For now I'm using static credentials for testing. Using insomnia work's fine but with mendix doesn't works.   Print to insomnia:     This is my microflow:      And this is the configuration of the call rest service:         I know that each aws services need diferents HTTP headers. Will be that I need other HTTP headers in my call rest?   Best regards,
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I was able to solve this problem using the next headers in the http request: