Email tracking with AWS SES

Hi,   I am about to create a functionality where I am sending emails via AWS SES, collecting click and open events (via CloudWatch), and planning to pull those data back to the Mendix app. The goal would be to see how many open/click events we have on each email and possibly who is the person who clicked/opened the email.   Is there anyone who has already done this?  Any good advice or suggestions? What difficulties were you facing? Maybe a plugin that does this or at least part of this?   Thank you in advance! 
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Hello Peter Tiszabolgyi,


If your data is consolidated in CloudWatch, you could write a custom Mendix AWS connector to call AWS CloudWatch API GetMetricData and pull data to your Mendix application, store those data as anon-persistence entities, and display them accordingly on the client website.


Here is the document to Build an AWS Connector.



If real-time does not matter, the second solution is to stream the CloudWatch data into S3 and use the existing Mendix AWS connector for Amazon S3 to pull data to your Mendix application.