Retrieving wrong buckets in ListBucket action

Hi Reader,   I have integrated with AWS S3. It is working fine. But when I am using the ListBucket action of AWS S3, it retrieves all the buckets created in the AWS environment irrespective of region. Even AWS S3 ListBucket action requires Region as parameter but it is not retrieving as per its input region.   Requirement: I need the retrieve the buckets as per the provided region.   I am using static creds for authenticating AWS.
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Hi Harshraj,


It's not possible to get a List of only buckets from a single region. The only way to get a list from a single region is to call ListBuckets and to filter the output afterwards.

This is also not possible within AWS itself (without Mendix):


The reason the Region is being used as an input in Mendix is because we use it for creating the "S3ClientBuilder" in the Java code.