Issue deploying app in AWS ECS

Dear Community I'm trying to deploy mendix image into AWS ECS on AWS Fargate.   I'm getting following issue: 1711087102891,"  File ""/opt/mendix/buildpack/lib/python3.6/site-packages/httplib2/"", line 1045, in connect"1711087102891,"    self.sock.connect((, self.port) + sa[2:])"1711087102891,ConnectionRefusedError: [Errno 111] Connection refused1711087102891,"/opt/mendix/buildpack/buildpack/infrastructure/ CryptographyDeprecationWarning: Python 3.6 is no longer supported by the Python core team. Therefore, support for it is deprecated in cryptography. The next release of cryptography (40.0) will be the last to support Python 3.6."1711087102891,  from cryptography.hazmat.primitives import serialization   Or if I Disable Service Connect for intra-environment traffic between services, I get this error:   1711019318741,2024-03-21 11:08:38.644 ERROR - M2EE: No permission to open socket or another server is already running on Some(localhost):82: Permission denied (Bind failed)1711019318743,2024-03-21 11:08:38.741 ERROR - M2EE: Error starting M2EE     Have anyone been able to deploy Mendix image on AWS ECS?   Any help is appreciated.    Best regards, Anahit Pahlevanyan
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