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Option to add optional parameters to an OData Service URL


At the moment you can configure a base Service URL for an OData services. You also have the option to add custom HTTP Headers to your OData service requests.

But what we need in the integration to some OData services is the option to add optional / custom parameters to your complete OData URL. For example when connecting to a Business Central OData source configured in the DataHub.
The URL requires the following parameter:



Another example it that when you want to use the new &schemaversion=2.0 you also have to be able to specify an addtional parameter:

Another change in the schema of API v2.0 is the possibility to use enums. To use enums, you must add ?$schemaversion=2.0 to the API url. If you do so, you will get different behavior for fields that are based on enums. All exposed fields that were of type option in v1.0 are converted into enums for v2.0. 

So it would be great that in the same manner as that you can configure custom HTTP Headers for your OData requests you could also configure custom URL parameters in your OData service URL.

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