Trigger on incoming data from data hub

I have 2 apps that exchange data with each other via data hub. App 1 delivers customers, app 2 gives the option to create an insurance policy with the customer. App1 returns customers via data hub to app 2. App 2 returns customer and insurance via data hub to app 1. Is there a possibility to enter additional data in app 1 based on a trigger. Question is, can I trigger a microflow based on new, changed and deleted records?   Thanks in advance!
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Data Hub external entities do no exchange data via the Data Hub. When you query an external entity. it will result in an Odata Rest call to the service owning the data. That service will return all objects requested, confirming to your external entity query expressions.

At Mendix World earlier this month Mendix announced Business Events. This will enable you to implement this scenario.