Data Hub License

Hello everyone, Please help me to find answer of my questions about Data Hub. In   “Share Data Between Apps Using the Data Hub Catalog” Mendix Learning path we must go “Mendix Data Hub” section to seeing our new created Customer entity, but I must have license. Taht is massage , what mendix shows me. -  “You need a Data Hub license to discover data that you can integrate into your low-code app development. Want to find out more?” I can’t found helpfull information, what can I see my my Customer entity. Mendix Version is 9.3.0
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Hi Nazik,

You do need a license to access and use Mendix Data Hub, so you won’t be able to compete that learning path without a licensed version of Mendix with also Mendix Data Hub enabled.

You can find out more details about Data Hub though, there’s some further documentation on Data Hub here

Plus there’s also a recording from Mendix World here covering Data Hub