Doubts about Data Sources from Data Hub Catalog

Hi everyone, I’m currently exploring the Data Hub Catalog, and I saw these 2 “Popular Data Sources” that aren’t published by members of my organization: Both SAMPLE_EmployeeDirectory and ExperienceDayProducts are from Mendix developer (I guess?).  My questions are: Where do they come from, and I’m able to delete them from my Data Hub Catalog?  If I publish an OData Service, it will be visible only for my company member, or can be found by every Mendix users?
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Hi Diogo, 

You are correct, these two data sources are sample data sources provided and owned by Mendix. They are intended to make it easy for you, and others in your company, to try out External Entities in Studio Pro and the Data Hub Catalog. 

To answer your questions: 

  1. It is currently not possible to remove these data sources from your Data Hub Catalog. They will however disappear from the popular data source section on the homepage once you’ll add 6+ data sources of your own to your Catalog. 
  2. When you publish an OData service they will only be visible to members of your own company.