How to Share Documents Through the DataHub

Hello I have ran into a bit of trouble when trying to share a file across two apps. On my main app I have an entity with the System.FileDocument inheritance and it has no problem with uploading or downloading files. The problem is that despite sharing every available attribute and data of that entity onto the DataHub, the secondary app’s file manager does not work and cannot seem to read or see the Contents attribute.   So here is the entity that is shared from main app through datahub and this is from the secondary app’s perspective so I know that Contents is received.   This is the error I get when I place a file manager inside a dataview of the corresponding entity.   This is the only resource I could find online about my current problem. It says that for an external entity to be used as a file source it must be defined as a media element but I do not see an option for that   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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Check the below Documentation for reference