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Hello,  I’m testing External Entities feature with OData services connected with DataHub. In my tests, I have A entity Customer with 1000 objects in remote server. I created a page with a DataGrid , page size of 20 rows, datasource database External Entity. When Mendix “autoretrieve” the content, It fetching all pages from remote (automatically).   Is this a default Mendix behavior? I mean, why his fetching all data within multiples requests??? Why not just one request with $count + $top + $skip ??           Thanks in advance
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Which Mendix version are you using Alexandre?
We use Mendix 9.12 and later and did not need to do any additional work to have Datahub optimize the calls, showing a Datagrid or Datagrid 2 on a remote entity is very fast and I am in the impression that Mendix only ships 20 objects in the case of a 20 record datagrid and uses a next request when you press the next button.


you should read it 

actually today many tools available that customize odata service so it may be possible to make this behaviour by customization.

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