distinct list for reference set

Bookgroup              Group Name:         grp1         grp2 Book     BookName GroupName        Book1       grp1              Book2       grp1          Book3       grp2         Book4      grp2     book5     book6 book year     yearname    bookname      2012          book1     2012         book2     2013         book3     2013         book4     2015         book5      i have a reference selector on book groupName, where it displays grp1,grp2 i have book year  , on click of button i want to get the distinct of years if i select grp1 -> i should get the year name as 2012 but currently i am getting the 2 items instead of 1, 2012, 2012. how do i achieve the distinction of list through the association or linking many to many relations/ or can be achieved by self join? let me know. thanks
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Hi Jyothi, 

You should have year as a seperate entity, so that you can create single object 2012 and map it to multiple bookname. 


If you need to show distinct with the current logic, add a selectable object microflow in reference selector and do logics to get distict one and return


1st method is recommended which supports future requirements.