how to prevent any entity merging ?

So I have a lot of APIs that i want to apply in Mendix, and when i import mapping the api Mendix makes entitys in the domain model, the api i have, has names are similar to each other so Mendix just mixing the enitity with each other and i can’t use them. any idea how to prevent Mendix from merging the entity just because they have the same name ?
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Hi Ibrahim,

I'll take, that you are using " map automatically " option, that's why mendix is merging them, bcz it considers them as a single entity.

What you can do is, go to domain model and then create the entity as per your need and then, in the import mapping map them manually by selecting them from the domain model, this way you can get what you intended.


If you cae any problems, just let me know.

Hope it helps!